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Originally Posted by mujahadeen View Post
Jesus... this again?

As most of you know I am the original owner/operator of Atlantic Armory...

I sold the company and all of it's holdings to Cory Rusk well over a year ago.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I have absolutely no affiliation with this individual in any manner - whatsoever be it personally / financially what have you.

This can be verified by some of the elder members of this community as well as his previous suppliers.

Since moving from the province of PEI, I have lost all contact with Cory and cannot verify his ware bouts nor any contact information.

I wish you the best in collecting any out standing debts however I can unfortunately not assist you in reaching him.

Please respect my privacy in maintaining strict and absolute disconnection from this and any other issue regarding Cory Rusk or his questionable business practices. Do not associate me or relate to me or my contact / personal information in any way shape or form unless you wish to verify this information (which would be greatly appreciated)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mujahadeen (Seth)
Seth is right. Seth you were perfect to deal with. I know that had I continued to deal with you, the airsoft range woould have been a go immediatley. Unfortunatelt for me, the 3k I handed to him was a test from my sponsor. After I was "misled" by cory, my sponsor refused to grant me the other 10K. I now have to start from scratch. It is too bad. I have many acrea to put towards this, just the $$ for the equipment holding me back. So please everyone trust me, Seth has no relations at all concerning Cory.


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