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Originally Posted by MadMax View Post
Um, take a picture of what's left of the bottle. I find it pretty surprising that the bottle exploded or even propelled itself. A stuck open bottle with an intentionally ignited stream should just belch a sustained flare. Not much of the heat would radiate back to the bottle as the flame jet would be away from the bottle. Also, the rapidly evaporating propane would also cool the bottle pretty fast which would rapidly drop the tank pressure. There's no oxygen in a propane bottle so the flame can't rush back into the bottle and blow it up. No oxygen, no combustion inside the bottle.
Sure, I'll root through the scrap metal bin and find the pieces. It basically split at the seam in the middle. The fence can be taken apart by hand, it wasn't well built. The bottle knocked some of the boards off when it hit (not very hard). It was pretty funny though. I think next I'll see if the adapter on a bad bottle would make a good mini tiger torch. I've already used it to reseat tire beads while out 4x4ing

One last time, DON'T DO THIS on your own. If you have to think twice about it, put the stuff down and back away.
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