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Originally Posted by Ibby View Post
***Warning! Do NOT try this at home!***

I noticed a couple of propane bottles I have kicking around my place have this problem. I swap bottles around for lots of stuff so I just put them in the shop to use instead of with my airsoft gear.
I was curious though, what would happen if you put the adapter onto a problematic bottle and lit it. I did this out in the yard. HUGE ass flame came out (of course) so I rolled the bottle down the road where it took off like a rocket back towards my yard. It nailed my fence and destroyed a good chunk of it as the bottle exploded. Now I say again, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I did this for a test and because I like blowing stuff up. I apologize in advance as I didn't think to video the fun. The propane adapter came through absolutely unscathed.

One more time, DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF. I had LOTS of personal protective equipment, firefighting gear and other safety equipment, as well as experience with this stuff. If you like your fingers, play safe.
Um, take a picture of what's left of the bottle. I find it pretty surprising that the bottle exploded or even propelled itself. A stuck open bottle with an intentionally ignited stream should just belch a sustained flare. Not much of the heat would radiate back to the bottle as the flame jet would be away from the bottle. Also, the rapidly evaporating propane would also cool the bottle pretty fast which would rapidly drop the tank pressure. There's no oxygen in a propane bottle so the flame can't rush back into the bottle and blow it up. No oxygen, no combustion inside the bottle.
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