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Hero's Army Surplus issues.

During the summer( 08/09/06), I brang my 2 paintball guns (worth over $900) into Hero's army surplus in the Oshawa area for a promised sale. When I arrived, he took a look at the guns, seemed pleased, and put them behind his table, reassuring me that he'd buy them. Moments later, he said he was no longer going to buy them, but "trade" me "anything" I'm looking for under $300 (which was $600 less than the fully tuned guns). I looked at several things, all of which he said I couldn't get a trade for, regardless of the low price tag. I quickly realised this was a bad move, and as I was attempting to get my guns back, and out of this bad deal, he offered me a trade for a Steyr aug, which was priced at $1000, and included 5 hicap mags, a tasco (maybe something less expensive) 4x scope, and sling. However, he neglected to include the state of the mechbox, and other internal parts ,when I inquired.
I later found out (from an ASC user)that the gun had blown shims, stripped gears, and a hell of alot more.
I sent him (Jeff) a message regarding the claims. Asking if they were true, and if they were I'd like a refund, or a (fair) trade. No replies. I sent another email just awhile ago requesting the same thing.

Anyone know what I should do? I think this is b.s, and so does the person I was there with. I knew I shouldn't have delt with him. Especially since he said he'd pay for the guns. Not trade some garbage gun.

Thanks for your help in advance!
Any help will be GREATLY appreciated...

It's been resolved. Too bad they still want to play games with me.

@ Hero's Army Surplus : Hey, next time one of your employees posts something negative about me, make sure it's true. Obviously he was talking out of his ass, because when confronted (w/truth, coupled with evidence), he just ran (with tail tucked inbetween 'is legs, I might add).

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