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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
according to the poll... an average player played 6 times a year...
Originally Posted by wey ferro View Post
thats called chairsofting 100% those people are not even close to be considered airsofters.
Originally Posted by SEALs View Post
hummm be carefull with what you say, due to my work, I cant play much but Im on this board everyday of the week and it didnt keep my team and I of organizing a game of 150+ players last summer. So of us have busy life for sure if I had every week end off I might play more but here in quebec,there's a game every 2 weeks if we're lucky. Most of the time, its onc a month.
Originally Posted by wey ferro View Post
that is true there is busy people but im sure that most of them are just too lazy.
I used to play twice a week when I started years ago. Unfortuanetly I've only been able to make it out to 6 or 7 games total in 2006. As it stands right now I work 60+ hours per week and am a single father so I doubt I would contribute my absence due to laziness.

When people have a horribly busy schedule it's very important to make sure the games and events they do/can attend, are really worth it Needless to say I'll never attend another Splatters game.
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