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Originally Posted by MrEvolution View Post
Hijacking this thread for a minute.

what papers/forms do we need for a movie, some of you mentioned it. I have a movie myself soon to be in production, just wondering what I need.
If you want to make the movie legal, you need to make release forms and get everyone who contributes to your film to sign them. Be they actors, production participants (which includes music and graphics) or even if they just appear on screen, you need to sign for the use of their image.

BUT depending on how you plan on distributing the movie, you don't need to worry TOO much about that. I'v used songs from big name bands without their permission and the last film i did still made it into a national film festival here in canada.

Really though, to make a movie properly, all you need is the documents saying "i give so and so permission to use my image, voice, whatever for his/her film whatever signed person"

If you want I can e-mail you the ones I use for participation and location permissions.

And now im sitting here trying to figure out if i need to sign a release form for the use of my release forms...

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