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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
safety blah blah
distance blah blah
precision blah blah
That's why i dont let anyone else touch it. My buddies have their own spudzookas to fire, and they know how theirs perform. Key is indirect. Using 0.12g crappy tire BB's decelerate really fast. Unless you are 10 feet tall and standing right infront of it when it is firing, you are safe. Idea is for the sabot to hit trees above the intended target. Higher the hit on the tree and BB load, larger circle of DEATH under it. After it hits the tree, the only energy BB's have going directly down is due to gravity, so if not for a shower of hundreds or THOUSANDs of BB's you wouldnt even feel it.
I've fired it enough times at various charges to know

Would i trust someone else firing it? Not unless they had some exp with that particular zooka and how it fires. It's just a personal fun toy im planning on using when temperatures go up. So far those who saw it in action were... enthusiastic
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