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Originally Posted by made Man View Post
Sorry to shit on your parade, but this is a potato gun. You cant patent a potato gun.

I made my own and did a test at the local field.
Hair-spray "mortar" with various projectile designs. Lets just say whenever i fired it, it scared the fuck out of people around me who were not expecting it.
It is loud and it is mean.

Shell A: Went somewhere fast, didnt hit perform as expected - FAIL
Shell B: Hit the target where i was aiming it, performed as expected. BB spray on the ground was approximately a 2m radius circle - PASS
Shell C test 1: Shotgun design. Covered a 2x30+ meter area when aimed at a 45 degree angle with apprx 1000BB charge - PASS
Shell C test 2: Aiming straight up with apprx 500BB charge, covered roughly 20m radius circle.

Capable of firing sabot rounds of various loads to 100+ meter range with good precision.

In all tests a charge of 3 seconds was used.
Can perform better with a longer charge. 3 seconds seems to create perfect air-fuel ratio for 90% ignition rate.

-with lower temperatures fuel does not atomize properly, requires longer charge. Ignition rate goes down to 50%.
-spark leads get covered in waste produced by combustion reaction, require a quick wipe (fingers do fine) every 2-3 shots for 90+% ignition rate.
With combustion models It's impossible to judge distance, as different fuel amounts give different results, Those also fire at speeds that are dangerous to living things... Hairspray in your average expantion chamber will propel a projectile at nearly 400+ FPS... With a projectile weighting much more than 40 grams.. That's VERY dangerous if it hurts some one.

The advantage of mine is it's 100% reliable, You don't need to get the proper fuel mixture, and there's nothing that needs to get cleaned every couple shots.

And, You're able to judge distance. Say there's a group 130 feet away, You charge the mortar up to 45 PSI, and fire it at roughtly a 50* angle, Aiming at a group that's 200 feet away, charge it up to 60 PSI and fire @ a 45* angle.

I'm not 100% sure of the mortar's maximum range.. As I havn't been able to fire it anywhere where I've got an aircompresser and more than roughly 200 feet.. All I know is it's roughly 200 feet if not more.

I'm not new to IPFD's (YouTube - potato cannon 3 <--- My Ether fueld Potato gun, Fires WAY over 700 FPS )

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