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Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
How exactly do you plan to make a safe, reliable, and inexpensive airburst round?

And BTW folks, JSOC here in Winnipeg and Lance Co. in Sask have been making and selling compressed air mortars for years now. Nothing new here.
Mine's inspired by JSOC, I saw their use of it at FNG day, and I've managed to build my own, and I've talked it over with them and they said they wouldn't have a problem with me selling them.

It doesn't work with combustion... it works with compressed air, with a very high quality piston, so the sealent material isn't going to shatter and tear like I've been told the Lance Co. ones do.

I'm going to be testing, and video taping the limits of these things... The materials I'm using are rated to 80 PSI... But I STRONGLY suggest you do not excede 60 PSI. I'll be writing up a usage, and guide (It will cover all the do's and don'ts.. like directly aiming at some one) for it that I'll include with every mortar that's sold.

As for the price... It'll vary depending on the options you get...

I'm thinking around the $150(Depending on shipping and to where) range for a complete, painted one.

As for aiming it.. It's an indirect fire weapon... You'll be-able to get perfect aim if you're good at physics...

I'm also going to look into creating a LARGE version of this that could be used as an artiliary platform...
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