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Sorry to shit on your parade, but this is a potato gun. You cant patent a potato gun.

I made my own and did a test at the local field.
Hair-spray "mortar" with various projectile designs. Lets just say whenever i fired it, it scared the fuck out of people around me who were not expecting it.
It is loud and it is mean.

Shell A: Went somewhere fast, didnt hit perform as expected - FAIL
Shell B: Hit the target where i was aiming it, performed as expected. BB spray on the ground was approximately a 2m radius circle - PASS
Shell C test 1: Shotgun design. Covered a 2x30+ meter area when aimed at a 45 degree angle with apprx 1000BB charge - PASS
Shell C test 2: Aiming straight up with apprx 500BB charge, covered roughly 20m radius circle.

Capable of firing sabot rounds of various loads to 100+ meter range with good precision.

In all tests a charge of 3 seconds was used.
Can perform better with a longer charge. 3 seconds seems to create perfect air-fuel ratio for 90% ignition rate.

-with lower temperatures fuel does not atomize properly, requires longer charge. Ignition rate goes down to 50%.
-spark leads get covered in waste produced by combustion reaction, require a quick wipe (fingers do fine) every 2-3 shots for 90+% ignition rate.
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