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If I were to make Mortars that could be used in airsoft... Would anyone be interested

Hello, I'm currently in the final stage of prefecting an airsoft mortar. It works using compressed air, and a piston system.

... I'm not going to devulge too much information about it.. because once I get it prefected I hope to sell them on the boards here... (Once I get pictures and video I'm going to be talking to HOJO to make sure everything's okay with it.)

Once I'm finished I'm going to get the thing checked out and okay'd by the Manitoba Airsoft Association council.

YouTube - Air Mortor <-- Video of the very first prototype, It's GREATLY improved since then. (The shot was taken at 20 PSI.. The shot was some Newspaper and a small tennis ball... You can only see the news paper, but you can hear the tennis ball hitting the trap., Most shots are taken at around 40-60 PSI)

Information about it:

It's about 4' in length, and has an effective range of about 200 feet... There are different types of ammunition that can be used, One of them is a capsul filled with used BBs, when fired the thing bursts on impact and sends a shower of BBs all over the place. It can also be loaded with a sabot and made to fire pretty much anything you want.

I'm hoping to add options to the methods of filling it, One of them would be an air compressor... But that's a little difficult to bring out into the feild so I'm currently prefecting a method to fill it using bike pumps and step-pumps.

Is there anything that you would like to see in the form of options?

And would you be interested in one of these things?

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