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Review - KSC Glock 26C

So it happened, i bought a glock. Not a regular glock.
A glock 26C. Full auto furry in a small, comfortable package.

I chose KSC, because it has been the most reliable company in airsoft for me, for as long as I have owned my pistols.

And as for the glock model, I love small, compact pistols. The glock 26 seemed to be the smallest, but it didnt fit in my hand quite well, so i chose the 26c which is quite larger due to a plastic thingy attached to the magazine which make it a fantastic concealed/compact handgun.

I will begin with pros:
- sleek, smooth lines
- great choice of multiple grip patterns all all sides of the gun
- GREAT trademarks - its a KSC thing
- for a large hand like mine, it fits great and maintains its small size
- FULL AUTO pistol
- 280 fps

- no safety
- stupid semi/auto switch
- no rail in the front
- no hammer (well ya its a glock)

I conducted four firing tests with targets in order to observe the pistol's performance.

First test was a regular 5 feet, 3 second in between each shot, test.
the results were quite good, the shots were grouped and the gun exibited quite little kickback. It was felt but not like with a USP Compact, which presents substantial kick every shot.

Second was the full auto test at 5 feet.
Pull the trigger and in 2 seconds slide jams open. The results were very impressive, shots were very well grouped.

Third was a 15 feet range test.
Once again, little kickback, although the gun is loud and feels substantial when fired. Shots were spread by about 2 inches

And fourth and final test was a walk-and-shoot test.
Where i walk towards the target from 15 feet, firing semi until the clip is empty.
Shooting is a pleasure with this gun. Shots were phenomenally grouped. In fact, all were in the bullseye shaded area, which is crazy for a walk and shoot.

The verdict: Comfortable and quick to draw, this glock is a pleasure to operate. What it lacks in practicality, it makes up in accuracy.
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