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Single stackers, being short on gas in the first though, will perform far worst than their larger cousins. However, realistically speaking, we're probably talking about the difference between getting off 3 rounds instead of 8 rounds, not a big variation on the suck scale. I was rather hoping for a warm winter so I could use a GBB. Maybe I can try those foot warming stickers...

Zoolander, I think you should take a look at the WE1911. It's probably better than the P14 in most respects. Full metal, plenty of upgrade parts, apparently amazing hopup and accuracy, etc. You can gut it and refill it with aftermark internals and it'll still be cheaper than slapping a metal kit on a TM1911. Mags are rather expensive and a bit hard to come by, but not impossibly so. Some lemons floating around as one'd expect with WE, but KJW ain't no angel either in that respect.
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