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Originally Posted by VipaMave View Post
You fucks are retarded as hell for supporting parents beating their children.

I grew up in the United States and I bet you have absolutely no idea how humiliating it feels to:
A) Be the only person in your class to be beaten by said parent(s)
B) Be beaten or chased around in front of your friend(s) while they visit
It's very traumatic. I was a loner for the rest of my youth years and had issues coping with other people around me. Luckily I came to my senses (Halfway into my first year of Highschool, with the help of a good friend) and decided my parents were fucking idiots and carried on as normal.

What about American kids who turn out well? American parents don't typically hit their children.

Why is there a lack of manners in today's youth? No, it's not due to the lack of beating (Any beating is too much)--It's due to lack of the parents being parents.
Pssssh, if you stopped doing stupid things or getting poor grades, your parents wouldn't beat you. If they beat the crap out of your for nothing, than you might be the odd case. Asian parents might beat their kids, but they don't beat them for the hell of it as if they were drunk or high on drugs. They beat with a reason to punish, and not to relieve stress.

American kids that turns out well? I guess they are the odd ones that got beatings from their parents.

Parents now a days are both working during the day, and can only spend so little time with the children. With that in mind, it's kinda hard to lecture your kid for 2hrs on something he/she did wrong. Beating him would solve it in seconds!

ie. Kid shoot brother/sister with a softair gun, beat the kid so he won't do it again!
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