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Originally Posted by supersized View Post
All the more reason we need to smack our kids more when approrpriate. I know I had a good beatin waiting for me if I did something wrong. I'm sure most asian kids can vouch for that!
You fucks are retarded as hell for supporting parents beating their children.

I grew up in the United States and I bet you have absolutely no idea how humiliating it feels to:
A) Be the only person in your class to be beaten by said parent(s)
B) Be beaten or chased around in front of your friend(s) while they visit
It's very traumatic. I was a loner for the rest of my youth years and had issues coping with other people around me. Luckily I came to my senses (Halfway into my first year of Highschool, with the help of a good friend) and decided my parents were fucking idiots and carried on as normal.

What about American kids who turn out well? American parents don't typically hit their children.

Why is there a lack of manners in today's youth? No, it's not due to the lack of beating (Any beating is too much)--It's due to lack of the parents being parents.

On the note of topic--I went to Markville Mall's Walmart and purchased a Crosman Pulse P50 Soft Air pistol. Takes 4 AAA batteries and performs pretty well for $45. I popped off the slide and removed a piece of plastic so now it fires full auto.

You should also take note, they ASKED for my age and I HAD TO PROVIDE MY DRIVER'S LICENSE TO VERIFY AGE 18+ STATUS.
The soft air guns were however, next to the paintball section and open for all to see and touch. I went to Scarborough Town Center and the Walmart there has the soft air guns behind the paintball cabinet.

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