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Airsoft in Canada

I love this game, I currently play Paintball but it's mostly speedball and I prefer doing Milsims... So that is why I want to get into airsoft.

But one thing that is pissing me off is all this talk about laws and regulations and stuff... Why does the government have to do this. It's a game like any other. Just like playing tag but instead of touching the other guy with your hand you throw a BB at him.

I understand that we have to keep these guns out of childrens hands because they are dangerous but can't parents just be responsible.

One of my brothers friends just bought himself an airsoft gun at the local Wal-Mart. He is 12 years old and our Wal-Mart puts them behind the glass wall (where they should be) and restricts them to 18 and over so his Dad went and bought it for him... Like come on then that's going to be the guy that is going to go to the government to get these guns banned because his son got hurt... Like come on... take your responsibilities...

I look at this action just like parents buying alcool or cigarettes for their kids...

What do you guys think of this?
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