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I also have the DTP metal body on my AK47. Most people say that the screws dont line up properly. Mine were off a tiny bit but didnt really mater much, I still got it to fit on my G&P metal front end.

The body has a grey paint job out of the box. Not very pretty. I painted mine black almost right away. Looks great now!

Having had my hands on a lot of other metal bodies for the AK, I can easily say this is the heaviest body of them all. I would guess it to be almost twice as heavy as the CA metal body.

Biggest problem I have with mine is the magazine well. I think its a bit to large. My TM magazines really rattle around a lot. Ill usually just put my hand on my magazine when Im on the move and need to be quite. But honestly it really bothers me. Other then that I would buy it again without hesitation. Its a great metal body at a great price.


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