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G&P Aimpoint replica

I just got this red dot scope last Saturday from the head honcho Miles himself of ASC Armoury along with a nice cantilever rail mount. The scope was $65 and the cantilever was $25. Bear with me, I have yet to buy an actual digital camera...

As you can see, the scope looks very sexy on the cantilever mount.

The paint job is very nice, finished in a matte black with absolutely no shiny bits. I kind of freaked out when I saw a few scratches on it, but a few rubs with my thumb eliminated said marks and it's spiffy clean. The paint can take quite a bit of abuse, although I haven't really field tested the crap out of it yet.

The scope has 7 brightness settings, which range from barely noticable to so bright that there is inner lens glare. Didn't know that was possible...

The windage and elevation screw caps are fixed onto the scope with a rubber connector, which means I won't be losing them anytime soon.

The front lens have a really nice ruby-blue tint to them, although you can't see crap with these POS pictures. The lens covers are made out of rubber, and with a bit of force, you can squeeze them off and rotate them anyway you like. I turned mine to open upwards, which looks better and doesn't get in the way of my rail.

All in all, for the price, I am very satisfied with the Aimpoint replica. I'm not such a purist that I would be turned off by the lack of trades, but hey, that's what a printer, exacto knife and white paint is for. This scope is perfect for quick target aquisition and since there's no magnification, I can pretty much point and shoot as fast as I want.

Now, if I could somehow find a rail mount that would allow me to fix a tac light offset to the right of the gun, then I'd be happy.

Something like THAT.

Business end.
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