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Originally Posted by DRAZ View Post
Interesting. I can understand buying the real deal for certain items if they are indeed cheaper, but I'm finding it hard to believe that Eagle Industries Nylon gear, for example, is somehow less expensive than many other alternatives for the sport.
And that's probably why you're puzzled by people spending for this stuff.

Like I said, it's not because anyone's life depends on it, but because it's better. You're happy playing with some repro vest, and that's fine. Many people are.

But others will pay the extra amount (sometimes quite a bit more) in order to get superior quality.

Look at it this way: a beater 82 Honda Civic will get you around town, but if you could, wouldn't you rather be riding a 2006 Mustang (or insert whatever your ride preference is)?

And you'd be back to the same argument again; why does anyone wanna buy a $40k car when you can get a $10k Hyundai that'll ride you around just the same?

The answer's just more intuitive when it comes to cars.
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