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Most of the list of your guns are legal in Canada. Any handgun in Canada with a barrell under 105mm (~4.25 inches) are considered prohibited and are unavailable to people who did not have a gun of that type legally registered in thier name prior to 1998. Those who did can still posess thier current ones and acquire new ones. This goes for any military semi-autos, converted autos, bullpup style rifles as well. Any handgun or semi auto assault rifle that has not been deemed prohibited is registered in the restricted class which anyone can acquire when they apply for thier Posession Acquisition License (P.A.L) These restricted ones are anything cool but manage to frighten mothers against everything (AR-15's mostly). People who own restricted weapons can only fire them at a designated shooting range and must have authority to transport paperwork in place before they leave the house. Once at the range thier firearms can only have 10rds in pistol magazines and 5rds in rifle magazines. From what I've heard around the gun shop that I am currently employed, there is a law stating that if you the firearms owner have 10 or more firearms in the house you are subject to random police searches whenever they see fit. Kindof silly no?
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