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Originally Posted by Teiwaz View Post
Aha. So I lack both an insider's and an outsider's perspective. I suppose it's time I admit that I am actually from the Andromeda galaxy, here as a scout to procure your superior Earth little plastic-pellet shooting technology. On my world, our toy guns shoot small bits of pink sponge, which gets in the way of our virtual tough guy internet personas.

Here's what I see, from my neither-involved-nor-uninvolved perspective, which must be pretty unique. I see people getting all pissed off about when the media portrays them as dangerous paramilitary nuts. I see people getting pissed off when the media portrays them as completely harmless, slightly eccentric hobbyists. But I also see people steadfastly refusing to give any input on how the media portrays them, and then getting all in a snit about hypothetical situations involving soccer moms which they've effectively waived any possible influence over.

We don't have to seek out the media for attention. But they're there whether we like it or not. So either we can play ball and show them what airsoft's really like, or we can GUARANTEE that they see us as insular, secretive and dangerous.
Everytime one of you wacko's crawl out of the woodwork I seem to end up dealing with you. If you do not understand what seems to be common knowledge with reference to the media and how it twists subjects to suit its own agenda then that is your problem.

Try reading the post by Arnisador above.

Still don't get the big picture? I'll make it as simple as can be ... piss off, please. I was even polite.
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