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Grrr....with all the mockery and sarcasm going on, I think I've again failed to initiate a rational and intelligent discussion. Still, I have the following comments to make:

"Wish People who think of these "new" old ideas would read more and learn what has already been done, and why they should just play the game and enjoy it instead of trying to get political"
- You ASSUMED that I didn't do any research on it. The fact is, I was in the discussion during the last incident (XP, AK, and SpecA incident), and I was one of the first few to see the aftermath of the raids. Please read my signature about assumptions.

Somebody mentioned the general alienation of noobs on the field
- I absolutely think that seasoned veteran players have the responsibility to bring noobs into the group and show them the right path to airsoft (sounds like some Jedi shit). It's usually a good way to sniff out potential trouble-making airsofters too.

Somebody made a comment about instead of sitting around "rocking the boat", why not just go and do it.
- I do believe in rallying enough support or reaching a general agreement before doing something like contacting the media. It's common sense that you don't act on behave of a community before you have its concent, isn't it?

Media bias
- Of course. Any report or story can be biased one way or the other. I dont deny that a story can turn out negatively. However, the one particular part I like about the NZ newsclip is the part showing what the airsofters do in real life. I naively believe that if we can show that we are just everyday folks working the regular 9-5 or 8-4 in the offices, stores, fields, shops, etc...we can make a connection to the public. And if we have professionals among us, ie, Med student, Res docs, engineers, teachers..etc, that's even better IMO.

We have games running and plenty of airsofters, what more do you want?
- For one, I'd like to see a much more liberal airsoft market like that in the US or Asia. A liberal market normally means lower prices for AEG's and GBB's. Don't you like to have ur CA or TM at a lower price? I know I do.

Neways, my conclusion is: the public is generally afraid of what they don't understand. Keeping it quiet is good for the long-term or not? Only time can tell. Does someone have a copy of the CBC clip? I wasn't in BC a few years ago.

PS: Hi Anisador. How's it going? I have a lot of respect for you as you are one of my airsoft mentors, but sorry, I have to take a different stance on this one.
"Assumption is the mother of all fuck-up's."

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