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Newb w/ question about "real steel"

Hi, all. I'm new to the forum and thought I'd say hello.

Also, as a curiosity, I keep seeing posts in which there are references to posters owning a "real steel" (fill in the blank) and keep wondering to myself what is the mystique of having "real steel" grips, accessory rails, etc, etc.

Please, no offense, but have things gotten that bad in Canada relative to firearms ownership such that simply owning a part that may have been original to an actual functioning firearm or perhaps even an aftermarket part that was never mounted on an actual firearm is now a thing of wonder?

I knew firearms (RKBA) ownership laws are rather strict there in Canada, but I had no idea things were such that the mere ownership of a genuine firearms part now carries a lot of mystique.

Finally, I've browsed around some and from what I'm seeing many airsofters are paying what appear to be outrageous prices for replica firearms that fire plastic pellets. As a result, I'm curious as to what the average going price (in U.S. equivalent dollars) for a QUALITY airsoft "gun" would be in Canada.

Honest, no offense intended by any of these questions, but some of the posts on this site have left me in amazement and I'm realizing that our friends to the north have apparently completely lost their firearms rights. If that is the case, I'm hopeful that Canadians can somehow regain those rights.

This may seem silly, but as an American, I would rest much more comfortably knowing that our neighbors to the north had relatively unfettered access to firearms for a multitude of reasons that I'm not going to get into.


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