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I fail to see what concrete and achievable goal we would be seeking by attempting to produce more media coverage of our hobby. We have airsoft guns, and we have games scheduled on a roughly weekly basis, what more do we want?
People aren't sheep either. Assuming we were to get media coverage biased in our favor, that does not necessarily mean that people won't draw their own conclusions about airsoft. A media compaign is kind of like gambling with the future of airsoft. In this case we will be pushing the public to make a decision about our hobby, and therefore entrusting people with NO invested interest in our hobby to make a decision about airsoft. Simply put the future of airsoft would be at the mercy of people that don't play or care about airsoft. The future of airsoft then becomes one big coin flip over which we have no control. Heads nobody cares and we all go about our day to day lives. Tails enough people are offended to create enough political pressure to ban the hobby.

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