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Originally Posted by Bob the Angry Potato View Post
If I'm not mistaken, I posted a translation and an explanation from German players right below it.

Yes, which I referred to in the post. But it only covers the first minute or so.

The major teams turned them down because it'd muck up either way. There was a hidden agenda, and the teams knew it.

From what I know, a lot of people, upon hearing a little about it, don't like Airsoft. At all.

"What if a criminal gets one? What if you put someone's eye out?"

There's no way the media could put it in a good light without a lot of prodding in the right direction, running to them blindly would not work.
And so they waived their right to be heard. Not prodding them in the right direction gets us this. If we don't supply them with the right information, is it reasonable to blame them to get it wrong?

Everybody refuses to talk to them, so we get all the scary blurred-out hidden camera footage. Of COURSE people are going to be afraid of that. If you aren't open about this stuff, and if you run around wearing a mask in your interview, surprise! People will think you're doing something wrong and have something to hide.

Showing us the terrible outcome of a report which airsofters refused to have input on doesn't make a very good argument for having us do the same thing in the future.
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