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Get your facts straight before trying to make an argument.

Airsoft isn't banned in this country, we don't live in Australia.
Um... Duh? I was saying when the issue comes on the table from some kid doing something stupid, the government takes public interest into consideration before handing down a ban.

The youtube report was in... uh... Klingon. I think.

From the transcript and feedback, instead of trying to influence the report, the major teams turned them down. The report got made anyway, it's just that the news agency had to find a bunch of idiots (ooh, a "Slayer" t-shirt. Classy!) who don't know anything about it or were little wieners to talk to them, and surprise surprise, it turned out badly for airsoft. So this is an example of why we shouldn't talk to the media why?

Is the CBC report online anywhere? And did the community cooperate with it, or not?
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