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Originally Posted by Teiwaz View Post
I've seen a number of very good media reports on airsoft, this NZ one case in point. Do you guys have any examples of bad ones?

The anime one doesn't count, because you guys *are* all weirdo cultists.

Originally Posted by Casey_Cole
The first few sentences have something to do "with school children showing their guns to their schoolfriends while in the classroom."

"There was a run-in with the police, and the boy said "now gives death" ?!!?!? or something like that. Something to do with giving death anyway..."

"They have been banned from schools as ther police couldn;t tell them apart from real weapons. (I think.)"

"Question - is airsoft right for young children?"

Man in white suit - "I think children having guns of any sort is bad."

Dcotor (der Artz) - "That was not what I was expecting"

The number of shops/number of weapons in the airsoft shops in germnay is close to 1 million.

Martin - the kid - is said to have said "that lots of children have them because guns are cool"

Something relating the guns to "federation (possilby organised) criminals"

"They can have guns up to 0.5J (doesn't sound right) and they are free to buy as long as they are over 15 (ZOMG!!1!)"

"Here you can buy a gun for your under-15 year old!"

"In another shop we see two under-15's buying airsoft weapons - they are complete military nuts - and are only 12!"

"We never shoot people who aren't at events"

"you can buy them quite cheaply"

Chipmunk (hehe) in green shirt - "what's the problem?"

Man in white suit - "they're just like real guns - just like all pistols."

Man in white suit - "We have a lot of problems with these guns because they look so realistic."

"Every weekend they make war on each other"

"They shoot each other with little plastic balls"

Man gets shot - "OOOOOWWWW!"

Laughter - made to sound like they are taking the seriousness of the guns too lightly.

Man who got shot in finger - "It's not my life, it's not breaking my leg. No sports are totally safe"

Scientist - "These little balls could cause injuries - you'd need to wear the right protective clothing."

When he shoots through a CD - "Pfff. That's very worrying for me."

"That would go straight through your skin."

"It goes 1cm in and we're still letting children use them?"

They specifically record a kid sweraign at a skirmish... - "Scheisse!"
... and another person being hurt - "OWWW!"

Shows them the broken lens - "You see what these things can do?"

Scientist - "For children? No. Definitely not. It's not a children's game."

"Hundreds of weapons are avilable for children to buy every day - they are free to buy."

Smarmy git - "Should we allow our children to own these dangerous guns? The problem for the police - is that these are currently legal. They are all over - in the countryside and in Berlin."

Doesn't sound good...

(I think most of this is right)

Originally Posted by Rec

That report was a big thing here, many teams in the airsoft community were asked to work with the TV station. We all denied, because in Germany, a TV report about guns can't be anything positive for our hobby. But of course there are always little kids or other idiots that want to be on TV and so they finally found these people. What the 'scientist' said that it's oh-so powerful - bull. That lab looks like the men's room of the university...

Regarding the laws: no gun is allowed to be fully automatic. Guns are classifieds as guns when their muzzle-energy is >0,5J, which most AEGs and GBBs are. Under 0,5J guns are classified as toys and are thus allowed to shoot F/A. Also, these toys may be carried in public, which actually is a big problem: all the kids are playing in public places, causing concerned citizens to call the police. In the report a state police chief says that he's worried that some day someone might get shot by an officer, because he won't be able to tell if its a real gun that someone is packing. Basically, we (the more "serious" players) want these 0,5J guns to be banned (or, even better, the carry), since it's them causing all the trouble, which makes airsoft look bad as a whole.

The report indeed is anti. It's easy to make Germans believe that (even toy-)guns are baaad, it's best to ban them all, look at our history, blah blah...
Originally Posted by elchinator
The report made the situation here look like there is a problem with toy guns as a whole. They are too strong, too easy to obtain and certainly too realistic. Considering the fact they mostly showed springers, I wonder what they would have said about my GBBs (or any other - legal - airgun)...
The "scientist" and his test was a joke, the kids stupid (one twelve year old was reciting his lines, which is easy to hear) and the report in all just rubbish. Only at the very end they came to the true objective point - ban carrying replica weapons in public. And stop whining....
You were saying? The media came to local players asking for people to help do a 'positive' report for, it came back as utter shit.

Proof enough- it's not the only time this has happened.
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