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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
I don't really trust the media to get our message out clearly and god help us if they do the report on one of their slow weeks.

At my old anime club, we had two occasions in which we were featured in some sort of report on anime (mostly due to our size, around attending 200 members around that time). First time it was on CBC or something, second time was on the KW Record. First occasion, they just filmed one of our showings and called us a cult. Second occasion, someone from the newspaper came in, interviewed us, and after all that called us anti-social and wierd. Sure, we've got people at the club we wouldn't really use as poster child for the community, but they are in the minority and I'm pretty sure they weren't even seen. Did it matter? Nope.
That is the way it is. Unless it's unusual and negative, there is very little public interest and the media caters to what the public wants ... things that are taboo.

With our luck they'd probably focus in on some perv like Droc or the like

For those of you who think otherwise, your so gullible it's not even funny.
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