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You guys are nuts. "Oh noes! The Soccer moms are out to get us!"

Between the "sky is falling" secrecy, refusal to talk to the media and through them the public at large, and the general alienation of newbies here and on the field, airsoft's going to remain a little secretive unknown thing just like you want.

But when "little Jimmy" goes and gets himself shot for doing something stupid, they're going to find airsoft anyway, 'cuz guess what? We're all over the internet, the first place people go to look up anything. And on that day we'll have NO prior positive public exposure.

People do things in secret because they know they're wrong. That's the message you guys keep sending with your paranoia about media exposure. And what's the government going to ban? An open activity where members are visible, contributing members to society, or that thing done by a secretive cabal in the back woods which nobody's ever heard of?

Governments ban things like Airsoft guns because they're under the impression that there's no legitimate use for them. We HAVE to show them that there is one.

Thumbs up to the New Zealanders. It was a good report, they got across what they do well, and managed to make their government's absurd categorization of automatic airsoft guns look ridiculous.
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