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[sarcasm]yeah it was great, kang-tastic![/sarcasm]

Seriously, I would submit that the reason that particular piece did not get any traction in the news is that it wasn' A short doc showing people engaged in a controversial activity, behaving themselves and acting in a mature, responsible manner..yawn... No one's gonna wait past sports and the weather to watch that.

Now, a hard hitting expose on "delinquent minors engaged in militia style training" etc would make the shit literally hit the fan - and in BC you're set up perfectly for such a story, with a whole club of underage airsofters.

Understand, I'm not painting that group with any brush, saying they are irresponsible, however all it would take would be one pc journalist who has already made up their mind what the angle of their story is, to get invited out to a event. Combine their slanted reporting with a nice photo (colour of course, this is the front page) of a few 16yo's holding what appear to be assault rifles, and I think you would see widespread distribution of that.

On a side note, funny how it's usually those whom have recently gotten involved that always bring up the topic of "getting our message out there" etc...
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