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Personally I do NOT think it's a good idea at this point in time with Canada what with all the shit that's been goin down, soccer moms and the news agents that cater to them would go ape shit.
I saw that video a long while ago and thought it was good that NZ was getting their airsoft known. They are more limited than we are and their gun control is harsher than ours (I'm speaking as a Canadian) so I was thinking (at the time) this might make airsoft more accessable.
I think they should do the same thing here in Australia because airsoft is even harder to get. You need a firearms licence (from what I've read that is) so some public awareness might make it a bit easier for Australians to play (and me of's terrible guys, so many abandoned warehouses...soooo many and noone to utilize them.) Not to mention some of the woodlands that I've seen.

They just legalized paintball in Victoria so they're a long way off in regards to airsoft.
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