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Originally Posted by shadow1911 View Post
realisticly speaking if you put all the marbles together
japan 13 for airsoft
most of erop 14 for sexual acts
germany 14 leagel drinking(beer only)
mexico 16 for cigs
the last one is more historical britten but ya
thease are corect to the best of my knolage i might have the locations wrong
Now then... let's compare societies.

Japan: 13 for airsoft. Have you ever existed and lived in Japan? Do you even understand the COMPLETELY different set of social values that Japanese families and their children have by comparison to the little dirt-bag fucks that are raised in Canada and the USA? You know the one's I'm talking about... the one's that need a double-dose of rittalin before attending school or else they'll try and rip the head off of the class gerbil.

That's a terribly comparison.

As for Europe & their age 14 for sex acts. Well go ahead and enjoy your 14 year olds.

Sorry, but they don't float my boat.

As for the German and Mexican comparions, I simply don't care enough about either of those countries to bother making an argument.

Oh, and for the record, out of the TWO Wal-Mart's in Saskatoon, one has the airsoft behind glass & key, while the other across town i the shitty-side of the city (The West side of the city - go figure) has everything out in the open. Great, just what we need in this city, more little fuckers trying to pretend that 'dey ah homie-g mutha's that gunna join da ODP word up y'all nigger' (and don't bother trying to censor my use of the word nigger... if a user on here can have the name 'Mercedes Chink' then I can use the word nigger.

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