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a bit more back on topic...

i was in a Wal-Mart tonight on the east side of london with airguns locked up tight but with softair on a smaller shelf (i'm assuming for younger kids to reach better) out in the open. i happen to ask a supervisor (or whoever wears the red sash of honour) at the sports counter "If you have to be over 18 to buy a softair why isn't it locked up with the airguns?" and i got "i don't know. i think when its scanned at the checkout the screen will ask the cashier to check the age of the buyer." i'm 21, so i didn't have a little kid to test this theroy.

i'm not against little shtis shooting each other under supervisor and wearing eyewear. my biggest fear is if one of them brings it to school and opens up on some kids at recess, or anything else that would get bad play on the news. the names are different and we're mature but the media won't look at the differences and will cast us the same shadow. i just don't want any bad press preventing me playing because of a few little bastrads fukced up, thats all.

i'd pay for the glass to cram those sh*tair guns behind to prevent anything bad happening. i'd try to talk to an GM or ASM at walmart if i knew it would actually do something about this. sadly i don't think theres anything i can do :banghead:
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