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Originally Posted by thorvald View Post
Any particular reason you need to see it in writing?
Yes. If there's a rule/reg/order stating that we cannot wear issued kit to an airsoft game, it must be written down somewhere. I'd like to see it.

Originally Posted by thorvald View Post
If your a member, you already know the answer, if not, your not subject to the CSD or Dress and Deportment regs.
I am a member, been a member since '88, and I still don't know the answer. I've never seen it written anywhere. The link you quoted I'm well aware of. I know I can't go to a fancy dress ball in my uniform. The rest does not apply as I stated above, I'm not a rental.

Originally Posted by thorvald View Post
If your still "unsure", go ask your RSM... ;-)

Already done, and waiting to hear back. He can't find it (so far) either. I did get a "where do you come up with these questions?" though.
I'm not trying to argue against what Kokanee stated, and I'm not trying to play devil's advocate or anything. I'm just looking for a definitive answer. In reality I do have Cadpat from an outside source (Dave's army surplus rocks!) as well as a chest rig and plenty of other kit from CP Gear (they rock too). The purchased Cadpat isn't any different from the issued stuff I have as there's no disposal markings on any of it. I thought finding out a solid answer would be easier.
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