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Originally Posted by Ibby View Post
Great advice, but can you quote/link/show anything in writing that states that? :banghead:
Any particular reason you need to see it in writing?

If your a member, you already know the answer, if not, your not subject to the CSD or Dress and Deportment regs.

However since I just finished a few hours of Code of Service Discipline/D and D regs with a Major who had to put up with a bunch of those "can I wear my uniform on Halloween questions", here are the basics:

QR&O Volume I - Administrative - Chapter 17


(1) Except that an officer or non-commissioned member may wear a military uniform of obsolete pattern that is not likely to be confused with current dress, no member shall wear any part of military uniform at a fancy dress ball.

(2) No member of the Reserve Force shall wear uniform except when:

(2) Aucun militaire de la force de réserve ne porte l’uniforme, sauf :

(a) on service; or

a) s’il est en service;

(b) attending a military entertainment or a ceremony at which the wearing of uniform is appropriate.

Also, if you are foolish enough to wear the uniform, you are then subject to the CSD. More info on the CSD here:

When am I subject to the CSD?

If you are a member of the Regular Force you are always subject to the
CSD, both inside and outside Canada.

If you are a member of the Reserve Force, you are subject to the CSD:
• while undergoing drill or training (whether you are in uniform or
• whenever you are in uniform
• while on any military duty
• 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during any period of full time
service (Class "B" or "C" service)
• whenever you are present on defence property
• whenever you are in a vehicle, ship or aircraft of the CF

You don't want to know what they can do to you then...

If your still "unsure", go ask your RSM... ;-)

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