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Originally Posted by MaD View Post
As far as I read (and my Sgt) the restrictions on wearing the uniform while not on duty really only applies to members of the reserves but it is really a grey area.
Yup I'm familiar with the link you posted. I'm not a reservist, that's why I was asking about Kokanee's link, to see if it had any wording for the regs. To date I have found nothing in the CFAO's/QR&O's/DAOD's that limit a reg force member from wearing issued kit outside of work. There is to be no mixing of issued kit and civvie items, but this rule has been around forever.

Originally Posted by Amgoosen View Post
Don't wear anything the CF gave you unless your doing CF stuff. Simple as that.
Great advice, but can you quote/link/show anything in writing that states that? :banghead:
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