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Originally Posted by NewType ZERO View Post
I dont care how mature a 13 year old acts.. they shouldnt be playing airsoft without a parent with them.. they should NOT be allowed to buy anything that shoots things.. that can be used to hurt people.. that goes for clear soft, sling shots, paintball guns, and BB guns.. god knows your just asking for trouble..

Most of the time I believe some rules are made to be broken.. but then there are times like these when I believe that they should be enforced better.. We live in a time when most people get away with so much.. and they still try to get more. I mean.. you can't beat your 13 year old anymore.. or they can call the cops on you.. they smoke, and do drugs.. and some even get knocked up.. the world is going to hell.. and they feel the have a right to do what they want..

So come on people.. join with me.. Down with Teens.. Down with Teens.. you know.. the under 18 ones...

If I have offended anyone please let me know.. I dont mean to be a complete ass but sometimes it comes out that way.
no, not offencive, you put it way more politly than I would have. Kids with anysort of projectile weapon= bad
sadly I can also think of numerous adults who should be kept seperate from the same.
what ever happened to the good old days where children were considered property, and a cheap source of labour. damnd spca starting the snowball rolling on getting kids rights.
I AM LOST!! join me...
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