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Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
Yea, I'm all for mature 13 year olds playing airsoft
I'm also all for mature 14 year old's renting porn
I think 14 is a prime age as well for legalized drinking
heck, 16 year olds should be allowed to buy AND sell cigarettes.
Shit.... I think 15 year olds should be allowed... no... ENCOURAGED to get married and have children. Many... many children. As many as they can pop out of them

ie: stfu.
realisticly speaking if you put all the marbles together
japan 13 for airsoft
most of erop 14 for sexual acts
germany 14 leagel drinking(beer only)
mexico 16 for cigs
the last one is more historical britten but ya
thease are corect to the best of my knolage i might have the locations wrong
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