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Originally Posted by freddyclaw View Post
Skyone I hope you wear goggle under that mask or something because if someone shoots a bad bb fast enough it will explode into your eyes. I assume you know taht but just thought it might not hurt to tell you that incase.
yes i know, this is a remote chance that may happen, therfore i used a paintball mask before but it didn't fit well with the helmet and after a game i sold

now i am looking for a new model

Originally Posted by BBS View Post
i tried on these crazy paintball masks in a paintball game. I was the only guy left on the team with 3 people hunting me down. Dunno why they always have to aim at my head...well the story is, 4-5 paintballs struck me shoulder and above 3 landed on the mask, and since the eye protection is wire mesh....yeah...

since there are some high quality BBs that don't break and shatter on impact but rather "deform". skyone, did you happen to have BBs deform and cling to your wire mesh goggles upon impact?
the green mask is not certified for paintball, well, indeed there is no marketing profs within it.. it's made/from China.. it's not made for paintball because its wire mesh doesn't protect from paint. I use it for airsoft (< 1 joule, italian law) and didn't happen that a bullet cling to the wire mesh goggles upon impact.

I suggest you to buy a paintball mask that comply to grade protection standards/bills, there are many brands on the market. I am looking for this one:

they are tested for impacts up to 6/7 joule and are perfect for airsoft too.
This a good site with many reviews and user test

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