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Well, Treeman is a nice fella, and there are alotta good people in this forum. I'm sorry you think that there are less acts of kindness in society, thats just not the case. There are a ton of good people doing great things for others in airsoft and your community. Ask a game organizer what he gets out of putting a game together and all the " piss me off " PM's and Emails and Headaches. There are youth group leaders and community volunteers on this board and your community too.
With Christmas coming up fast your sure to find more examples of generosity and people going out of their way to help others.
So STFU with your noob bitching and whining about how hard it is to get anyhelp on the boards or at home. Suck it up do what you gotta do to get it done. If you single out another WP member for an act of Charity I can assure you the flaming will come fast and furious till you are wimpering mess in the corner, and then we will unleash Kitten Eater on you.!!! Noob go Home GRrrrrrrrr.
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