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Thank you Airsoft Canada

I'd just like to say how great the airsoft community is. Being a relatively new player in the scene (about 2 months field time) and usually tagged as a n00b, I was pleasantly surprised when I needed some help a few days ago.

I had just ordered a new gun from ASCA, but alas, all my money was spent and I had none for shipping, and of course I don't have a car to drive 2 hours to Toronto.

In my dilemna, I turned to the forums on Airsoft Canada in hopes to find some kind souls who could help me out. And find some I did. Within a day, I had recieved several responses from people who were willing to go out of their way to pick up my gun for me, AND deliver it to me. Such acts of kindness is rare nowadays.

By the end of the week, Kevin (Treeman is his ASC name) offered to pick up the gun before work, and give it to me after work. He lives in Cambridge too, and he was going to Toronto for work in the first place, so it was great luck! I recieved my gun from him not 2 hours ago, and I must say he was a great guy.

So I'd just like to share my thoughts about how great this community is and how close the members are. It's amazing to see how many people will help someone in need, someone they've never even met before. It truely speaks massive words about us, we who are labelled as violent gun-waving, Counter-Strike playing single nerds. It's clear that the airsoft community is scores better than normal society.

Thank you, to all the people who offered to help me (you know who you are!), especially thanks again to Treeman, my coffee offer still stands and thank you Airsoft Canada, for bringing me into this world.

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