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Originally Posted by assaultriflepunk View Post
thanx every1 (especially wey ferro there lots of help for info) im going to go with this list(see below), also anyone know where i could get a G&P QD M203 Grenade Launcher ( Short ) in Canada?


cost me roughly $959.00 canadian plus whatever shipping might be
You are fully aware the UN Company prices aren't the same as you pay here right?? UN Company is located in HK, so by the time you get a retailer to import the parts here, it'll be quite a bit more. (Just checking)

Just a rough guess at looking at the parts, you can easily be looking at a close to $1500 bill including taxes. (Rough estimate: $500 + $90 + $70 + $250 + $50 + $120 + $60 + $100 + $40)
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