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I can relate. I have NOTHING against Wes who currently runs it (as far as I understand), but it's the company and the owner that I won't trust.

I paid $1200 at the time for an upgraded PSG-1 which had claims it would fire 460fps, fine for our field. That $1200 included a 12V battery, charger, bag of ammunition and a lo-cap. Fine, good, I paid the cash.

I received a very very well worn PSG-1 which was broken (cracked gearbox, many teeth were stripped of the gears) and no battery, no charger, a lo-cap and no ammo.

I called and no-one would pick up. I emailed multiple times, then received a nasty letter from Peter saying he was doing me a FAVOR by selling the gun for someone else. I don't CARE if you are selling it on behalf of someone else, it is YOUR responsibility, ESPECIALLY when it is the store that I had purchased it through. At long last, he sent me a 12v battery, which was used, and did not work as the four of the cells were dead, and it would not accept a charge. I emailed back and that was the end of it.

It was then that he stopped replying to my emails. I eventually paid $250 to AugMan to replace the broken parts and paid another $95 for a local hobby-shop to custom-build another battery for me, then dumped another bill on a charger.

No... no I'm not happy about the situation at all, and it's quite apparent that I still hold Peter and APEC/Xtreme Precision/ in very high regards.
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