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i some what know how to make it happen.

my plan only has 2 problems. one a feild large enought for a canadain eliment and an emerican eliment.

finding some one in the us that can safely and leagely import guns to the us. (licences and such.)((i think i have the importer on the canadain side handeled but i have to clear it with one of my 2 ideas but i am very sure they do it just for the ability to kick the us butt))

all the us players box there guns(ot case them in marked cases) and take them to one centrel persion in the states whom packs them into a container(this individual would be better if he owned a wharehouse with loading dock and just threw the stuff on skids.)) pop a seal on the trailer and have a driver drive it across the border fully declaring it and leaglised importing of the us gear. the truck driver delivers the trailer to the feild. it sits there with the seal on it till game day game happens it all gets repacked and a new seal placed on traller. driver comes by and picks it up and takes it back to the us leagaly. players pick up the gear and its done.

the game would have to be on canadain turf because theres no way you can outfit the candain team with orange tips.
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