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Not surpised

Carl, you seemed to go in the far door mostly,,, which was a entry to the left, so it stands to reason that the right side would be exposed first..

When you were working on the inside.. you had a choice of position and so, your right handedness will tend to put you in places where your right side would be exposed to fire.

Me... I seemed to get it in the flank more often than anywhere... going in #3 thinking that the corners were cleared by my 1 and 2... many painfull lessons had by all. I particularly liked the one where both you and Steve lit me up on the left flank..... and just kept shooting till I stopped writhing and called HIT..That was classic!

It was a particularly intense night... everyone was keen to work the scenario... When I offered to break it down to a skirmish... everyone wanted to keep working the scenario.

I think we had 22 people in the room... a good night..
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