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Interesting CQB game observations: Where I get shot

I was counting up welts from a CQB game and realized something interesting. I had a strong prevalence of hits to my front right quarter.

"Luckily" I play wearing light clothing (t-shirt) so I can feel my hits and keep cool. Hits also have the side benifit of leaving distinct marks which are easy to account.

Out of 9 welts from one evening of CQB at TTAC3, I noted the following distribution:

-3x right arm
-5x front right torso
-1x rear left torso

Apparently I don't turn to the right as well as I cover left which isn't very surprising as I am strongly right handed. I wonder if I may be using a "bladed" stance presenting the strong arm forward.

The small amount of hits to the rear half hopefully means I don't get backdoored much and am bringing the fight to the field rather than waiting for it to flank me.

I'm not exactly sure that this is unoptimal. Having an equal distribution of hits might mean I'm equally weak in all directions and am collecting a higher total number of hits in the end. I often find myself stuffing myself into wierd suicide defence situations hoping to disrupt a coordinated stack when the team balence is intentionally imbalenced.

Anyone else find that they get a lot more welts on certain angles?
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