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what to do about a negative trade post?

recently i traded a gun to Madkill, a full metal m4/m203 with a ton of accessories...

he knew the gun was in need of some repairs, before it was able to fire, thats why i traded a FMU m4 for a p90.. (big price difference)
he saw the gun on webcam, and saw pictures of it... the p90 he traded me, needed replacements (new piston head) but i never decided to bitch about it because hey, shit happens when you deal with people online, the 40 bucks it would cost to fix wasnt a problem with me.

so the trade went through, and about a week and a half later, the guy phones me, (i dont even know how he got my number, maybe?)

he started telling me about how the gun is in 40 something peices, etc. all of a sudden he posted a thread, saying how i ripped him off. i quickly replied to it, with the saved msn conversations between us, and an admin quickly deleted the post.
then a few days later this guy pmd me saying if i dont pay him 250 dollars, he would start putting me down on the website, leave me negative feedback, and would tell everyone how i ripped him off... i figured 'wtf is this guys problem, whatever, he can go fuck himself'.
now a few weeks after not being online, (formatted computer) i find a negative rating on my trader rating stats.... what can i do about this? or do i just gotta tough it out?? its gunna screw me over because im trying to get rid of this p90 now, im sick of all the troubles that come along with airsoft.

your input on the situation would be appreciated.
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