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I was once playing at one our our teams fields with a doctor friend of mine (crazy british doctor, awesome guy). So I'm sneaking through the bushes when I feel stinging pain on the left side of my head. I call hit and look to see the madman himself grinning madly eyeing me down his FAMAS. We laugh and I go respawn.

Later, once the game had ended. He walks up and suddenly looks concerned. He asks me if I'm alright and I say yeah, and he says well, alright, if you're sure sorry about the ear though mate. At this point I'm a little confused but my ear still stings and I feel a bit of blood so I figure I got a bleeder on the ear. No big deal.

I get home after the game and walk into the washroom to jump into the shower and catch a glimpse of my left ear. There's blood all over it. I look closer. There's blood inside of it. Creeped me right out.

Turns out a took a BB in the ear and to this day I have occasional problems with it. Not hearing loss, just weird buzzing and stuff.
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