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I had been shot in the neck from like 20 feet.
I was crawling like 30 foot towards a flag that my team had to capture.
I was at most 2 feet away and was about to reach up, of course i was looking up---> neck exposed.
Nice bleeder.

Before that Schwag nailed me in the head at Flagswipe. I had like 5 welts on my head. In that particular game I have not worn any headwear and POWWW!
Lesson learnt.
Interesting thing is, it hurt like a mother the first 2 minutes after that it was like its not even there.
Must say the guy is a good shot

So far thats it.......
BUT WAIT! :twisted: Winters gonna be fun. Slipping, sliding, crawling, wiping out and getting shot at in the same time. MMMMMMMmm airsoft goodness

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