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Look, my parents dont care about me using any compressed air gun. They know i will use it safely and responsibility. I got a paintball gun, a pellet gun and now i would like to have a airsoft gun. I dont care what you guys think about me buying or using one. Plus the cops here are so lazy they wont do shit. So lets just stop this thread now.

you dont get age verified by us, you dont get airsoft. Simple as that. No ifs, ands or buts. We dont care what its for. We dont care if you want to use a gun to play, pose, target shoot, put on your wall, or lube up and have sex with it.

Will we verify your mom and dad?
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No. How ever if your parents want to get involved in the sport they are welcome to do so. I recommend that they come out to a game and rent a few guns to see if airsoft is what they're into. Airsoft is not a baby sitting service and dumping you at a game for a saturday/sunday isn't what we're about (specially since some of us are trying to get away from the brats for a few hours).
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Please note that a parent/Family Member will not be age verified on ASC unless he/she is an active player themselves.
from the word of God himself.

Realistically, your out of luck, and its not a situation where you can make a new account saying your older and try again...when we verify, it is an in person photo ID.
We do not debate the +18 rule here. You can goto the verification section and real all about it, same with the FAQ section.